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My name is Stephen Gardner. I do financial coaching and education through my books and workshops.

I never dreamed I'd have a YouTube community of over 660,000.

Each day in between helping people with their money and investments, I try to bring value to my community with smart money tips, words of encouragement and stimulus check and stimulus package updates.

Lately I feel like the Government is stalled and doesn't hear the people's voices. I've written two letters to President Trump and Congress to help my community have a voice.

Today I have teamed up with my friend Brian Kim at Clear Value Finance to send new letters to the President and Congress.

However, we need your help. We need to add as many signatures as we can to the letter so it can't be ignored.

Here are the letters and the link for where to add your name.

If you agree with these letters and wish to help get our voices heard by adding your name, please click the link below to add your name.

Brian and I would be very grateful for the support.

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Stephen teaches about money, finance, getting out of debt and building tax free wealth.