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  • Stephen Gardner

Inflation beating US dollar. Here is how to fight! TSX: GOLD I NYSE: GLDG

Check out Gold Mining INC. Up over 20% in 30 days as of writing this article.

I mentioned in a previous daily news report how more and more Americans are saying they want to stand on their own two feet and be less dependent on the government.

The truth is we’ve been through a lot in the last two years. With inflation moving up and the purchasing power of the US dollar moving down, you need to look for ways to preserve and grow your money over time.

I want to tell you about a stock that has had a break out moment in the last 30 days. The stock market was having a nice run until around Black Friday when the Fed made some announcement that caused a pullback in the market. You may have felt that in your stocks. I did.

I had to remind myself not to panic and I also took every stock I owned and asked myself one question. Will this company grow and make money over the next 10 years. If I answered yes I kept it. If I answered no, I trimmed my position and moved on.

Many analysts are saying with inflation moving up and the dollar moving down gold, Silver and other important metals will become increasingly more valuable.

Now I thought Gold and Silver were going to have a break out year in 2021 but the Fed artificially kept the interest rates low and kept pumping stimulus money into the stock market.

However, the Fed announced just before Christmas they will attempt to raise rates three times in 2022. We saw stocks drop based on this news and not the value of companies right.

If inflation holds or worse, goes higher and the Fed raises rates we could see the big break out in gold and silver we thought would happen in 2021.

Well Gold Mining Inc is already seeing the positive effects of this thinking. Their ticker symbol is GLDG and they are up over 20% in the last 30 days.

As of shooting this video their stock was trading at $1.43 a share. Now I believe this is a long term buy and hold stock, not a day trading stock. This stock is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange so its over $100 million in value and is starting to attract institutional investors.

Some names you might recognize that have placed institutional money are Royal Bank of Canada, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and a large investment fund called Van Eck Associates bought 8.4 million shares in September and another 7.6 million shares in October.

Speaking of Morgan Stanley, their former Chief Investment strategist Stephen Schwarzman said he expected Gold to be one of the safest and biggest moves in 2022.

In fact, the company Palantir bought $50 million in Gold bars in late August to hedge against the inflation they saw coming. Palantir is a software company with large government contracts. So even though they make good money off the government, when it comes to monetary policy within their own company, they shifted money over to gold.

The founder of gold Mining inc is Amir Adnani who travels all over the world visiting all the different mining projects and uranium projects his companies own.

In a recent speech he mentioned out the company had spent the last few years buying mines all over the world at a discount that have verified gold deposit. However, he said in 2022 they will be switching their focus to extracting the gold, silver, copper and more out of the ground.

Gold mining inc has about a dozen projects spread over 5 different countries to diversify their chances for success.

Analyst firm HC Wainsworth predicts this stock could go up to $6 a share over the next 18-24 months. But again I believe this is a possible buy and hold strategy as it takes time to physical extract the metals or be bought out by a larger firm.

With inflation rising and the US dollar buying less and less, I wanted to bring share this opportunity with my community, but again his isn’t a day trade. This is a buy and hold strategy while the leadership of Gold Mining Inc works to extract the resources.

Again, do your own research but I’ll leave a link to a newsletter where you can get more ongoing information about the company and their successes. You can also look up ticker symbol GLDG on robinhood or fidelity or whichever trading platform you use to buy stocks since they are a New York Stock Exchange approved stock.

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