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  • Stephen Gardner

This Nevada Gold Mining Group Could Be The Jackpot To Future Wealth

Updated: Nov 8

Every investor I know at some point has told me they wished they bought into a big company when it was small or they say, I wish so and so would start another company so I could jump in on that one.

Imagine Apple or Qualcomm or Amazon when they were small and now they’ve had some of the biggest run ups in stock market history.

Well in today’s article I’m going to tell you about a Gold Mining company that has some very big potential in front of it and some very talented management behind it.

New Found Gold was founded by Collin Kettell. It started out small and its now a $1.6 billion market cap Gold Mining operation.

In August of 2020 the stock was trading for around $1.40 a share. As of writing this article the stock is trading at $9.83 a share. That’s an over 600% gain on the stock. During that time the group found gold in the ground and institutional investors and partners in the board room.

But New Found Gold isn’t the company I want to share with you today. Its their sister company owned by Collin Kettell and managed by Paul Matysek, who ran Lithium X which had its stock run up by 500% until it was sold.

The group I’m looking at sharing is Nevada King Gold, Ticker Symbol VKMTF. Nevada King owns 7000 gold claims in the state of Nevada and Nevada is considered the most gold dense state in the United States. Now with more technology, better resources and arial mapping, the California Gold Rush should have taken place in Nevada.

With Nevada King Gold, it still will and you’ll have an opportunity to get in on it early. The stock is currently trading at 26 cents a share. This is what investors call a ground floor opportunity.

The demand for gold has gone up but the mining of gold has gone down. Especially with all the tight restrictions around the world due to covid. With mines pulling minerals out of the ground again, one of the top wealth makers will continue to be gold. Gold has so many utilities uses and is still a top’ hedge against inflation’ asset.

As I researched this group I found a few perfect storms that will likely make this stock take off over time.

First the group isn’t afraid of hard work. To get the 7000 claims they had to drive all over the desert staking claims and reporting it back to the state of Nevada.

Second, Nevada is known for being full of Gold and Silver and other lucrative base metals.

Third, the founder and manager currently of a billion gold firm are the leadership of Nevada King Gold.

Fourth New Found Gold was able to attract a billionaire named Eric Sprott that placed $48 million and helped them raise close to $150 million so they were well funded. I believe once this project catches Mr Sprott’s eye he could likely jump on this opportunity, too.

Lastly, I believe gold will continue to play a major part in the world economy.

Of course you’ll want to do your own research. This article is just to uncover some veins of info and some nuggets of wisdom while you unearth your own research. Nevada King Gold is ticker symbol VKMTF and still has a lot of room to run up like we saw from New Found Gold that started at $1.40 and is now at $9.83.

If you found this article helpful, please let me know in the comment section. I like learning about smaller groups with big potential vs big groups with small potential so I hope you find value in the articles.

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