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  • Stephen Gardner

Own companies that make the supplies the Biden Agenda needs for Clean Energy

President Biden’s $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure bill and the next stimulus package have faced uphill battles. Inflation has lasted longer than expected and rising prices have affected many at the grocery store and at the gas pump.

However, the stock market continues to hit all time highs and companies say they haven’t hit their full capacity yet for the post covid bounce back.

Many companies are trying to hire like crazy to keep up with demand. In fact there has been so much demand as the country re-opens that we are now seeing supply and demand issues that are making their ways into shipping ports and train stations.

So today I want to talk about some money making opportunities on the other side of all the supply chain issues that falls in line with Biden’s ideas for the future of the United States.

No one has a crystal ball on where the stock market or housing market or bond market will be in the future, but by understanding where the white house wants to see the country head over the next 5-10 years, you can get an idea of where to put your money.

For example earlier this year I told you about Energy Transfer when it was trading for $7 a share. As of writing this article, it was trading today around $10.12 a share.

I could see that this administration wants to go green but I could also see oil was going to go up in price per barrel so I put money into energy transfer and its now up over 30%.

I was trying to anticipate where the money might flow based on trends and demand so I could get my money into a good position.

Well we know that President Biden wants to see 50% of all energy production come from solar and renewable energy by 2050.

So we are being told very clearly where the money is going to flow. Where the money flows, businesses flow as well to capture the money. So we just need to watch the trend and look for companies ready to capitalize on this information.

I want you think about two companies that have been big money makers for smaller businesses.

First Apple products. Apple release a new phone and little companies pop up with cords, ear phones, chargers, cases, apps, glass repair, etc. People see where the money will be and all the smaller firms that supply parts or accessories make a ton of money by being in the supply chain of apple products.

Same with Tesla. If you bought tesla you’ve done really well but it you bought the stocks of companies that feed supplies to tesla you also made as much or more.

Well on the other side of this supply chain mess is a smoothed out economy and supply chain. Think of all the elements and minerals and metals that will be needed for electric cars, chargers, batteries, solar, etc.

Buying the companies that will provide the supplies will be a great way to grow money.

Think how much copper is going to be needed. Think how much Gold is going to be needed. Think how much silver and zinc and other metals will be needed in order to help the world run on clean, renewable energy.

So having ownership in these supply chain companies will be a huge future opportunity.

Altaley mining is an up and coming mining group that has good potential over the next 10-20 years.

Altaley already owns and operates two mines in Mexico responsible to delivering gold, silver, zinc and other metals.

In the mining world Altaley is consider a medium range mining outfit. So they aren’t huge like some of the popular mining stocks available, but they aren’t small either. This means they are already established and have room to grow where many larger mining stocks are hitting all time highs and many small mining groups haven’t proven themselves yet.

As of writing this article Altaley mining stock is trading for around 34 cents a share. To give you an idea of what upside potential over the next 10-20 years, one of their top competitors stocks is trading for $70 a share and the other is trading for $56 a share. So getting in while this stock is less than a dollar could have huge upside potential over time.

The one competitor is up 393% since going public and the other is up 598% since going public. Altaley mining is already operational and doing about 18 million a year in revenue.

Now I can’t begin to predict where Altaley mining might be in the future but I wanted to at least give you an idea of where other were and where they are at now.

The CEO of Altaley has been in mining for 35 years and has been in senior management with publicly traded companies for 30 years. So his understanding of growing a publicly traded company and making them profitable is already in place.

So altaley mining is definitely a stock to keep your eye on as their upside potential looks really really good and their management team has decades of real world experience. Their ticker symbol is ATLYF and they can be purchased on all the major trading platforms like Td ameritrade, fidelity, E trade, We bull, etc. Not available on robinhood just yet.

I hope you enjoy these articles and the research because over and over again I’m trying to show you how to anticipate the flow of money and you can get yourself into position when the timing is right.

There is no doubt solar and electric cards and wind power are all going to play a major role in the future so if you know this, then you can start making moves now to get in on the future trend.

Personally I’ve owned solar for about 3 years now. I had a feeling electricity was going to become more expensive over time so I bought a system. Now while others complain about higher power bills, my bill is on average around $15 a month thanks to my solar panels.

All the stocks you want to have ownership in in the future need to be companies that are always innovating and forward thinking. You also want to think in terms of does this company have a service or product that other businesses and industries are going to need in the future.

The trading ticker symbol is ATLYF if you want to check it out and they are listed on TD American or fidelity or Etrade. Basically any brokerage account or self directed IRA account.

This idea of anticipating where money will be spent and the supplies needed in the future is a concept I wanted to share with my community because its part of my thinking process before I ever buy a stock.