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  • Stephen Gardner

Royalties and Gold Just Combined To Help You Grow Your Wealth

Updated: Nov 2

There is so much going on in the country right now its almost too much to keep up with.

2020 and 2021 were like nothing we’ve ever experienced in our life time. There has been a shift in the world. Some for good and some for bad.

Here at home we have rising gas prices, rising grocery prices and inflation that won’t go away like the Fed promised us in late Spring. I’d like to believe the Fed thought it would be temporary but I worry they told us that to just to keep the peace.

Between all the stimulus packages passed by Trump and Biden, the amount of money printed has been inflated faster than at any other time in history.

In fact, 20% off all US dollars in circulation right now were printed in the last 18 months. All this money printing has made the US dollar less valuable and diminished its buying power. So today I want to talk about the devaluation of the dollar, Gold and how to keep your financial situation ahead of inflation.

I want to give you some information about the great devaluation that is coming and one way to prepare for it so give this video a like and lets jump right in.

Before I get too detailed I want to thank todays article sponsor Gold Royalty Corp.

I’ve been reading a fascinating book called The Great Devaluation by author Adam Baratta. In the book he shows how Gold has been used as real money with real value for thousands of years.

He also shows how the United States changed and our US currency lost buying power by coming off the gold standard under President Nixon.

In the book he points out how if the United States continues to add to their national debt at the same rate they have been that the national debt will be 130% percent of the annual GDP or everything we sell in our country all added up.

However, with covid locking down the country and requiring over $5 trillion in unexpected money printing, Baratta now says by 2025 the national debt will be at 182% of the GDP. Meaning we have $1.82 of debt for every dollar produced. This is NOT good.

This means the US dollar will continue to lose value and buying power. Now it will likely stay ahead of the rest of the world because it is the world reserve currency but as we get away from petroleum the dollar could lose its world reserve status.

So how do you keep your money ahead of inflation and how do you give it buying power. Well you need to buy real assets and you need your money to earn higher than inflation which is normally 2% but has been closer to 6% lately.

Owning gold has been the long time favorite for what is called hedging against inflation. However, many in my community can’t whip out $1800 to buy an ounce of gold. So how do you get started?

World famous investor Warren Buffet has been against owning gold for 20 years. However in 2020 he started investing in base metal mining groups. That way he could capitalize on Gold and other metals but not have to own them. Just the groups that extract them from the earth.

This is where the stock I want to share with you today comes into play.

The stock is ticker symbol GROY and it is a Gold Mining Royalty group. Essentially GROY invests and support mining companies in different parts of the world. In exchange for their services and capital, they receive a royalty for the base metals pulled out and sold to manufacturers.

My son and I like watching Shark Tank. One of the investors, Kevin O’leary loves to structure a royalty from every product he can. That way once he is paid back he makes a little cut on every product sold for the rest of his life.

This is what Gold Royalty Corp does with the different mines they’ve partnered with.

Now recently I told you about UROY which is a Uranium Royalty Group. Their stock is up by 85% in the past 3 months.

GROY collects royalties from Gold Mining groups they’ve partner with and so far they are up over 40% since this Summer but I believe they have room to grow because as of right now they own projects with several mining firms and are looking to add several more which will add even more revenue to their company.

As of writing this article GROY is trading at $5.04 a share.

Here is where I get some serious confidence about this publicly traded group. Their CEO, David Garofalo was the CEO of Goldcorp until they were purchased by Nuemont Gold in 2019. So David has tenured experience when it comes to leading a gold company both in profits and by building them up to be sold one day.

Their chief development officer, John Griffith is the former head of Bank Of Americas Metals and Mining Investment banking division. In fact the entire management team is ridiculously experienced.

So if you think Gold has value as an asset and as a material then this is a way to get in with a gold focus company without having the buy and store the gold.

Now I’m curious, had you heard of GROY before this article? Let me know in the comments.

The trading ticker symbol is GROY if you want to check it out and they are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and available on robinhood or TD American or fidelity. Basically any brokerage account or self directed IRA account since they’ve made it on to the New York Stock Exchange.

It’s a stock I’ll definitely be buying and wanted to bring it to my communities attention since so many of you are asking more about stocks, IRA’s, retirement planning and investing on a daily basis.

*disclaimer. Stephen Gardner is not a securities licensed advisor. Stephen is a financial author, Youtube personality and shares his own stock market, retirement planning and investing research. Investors should always do their own research before making any financial move or consult with a financial advisor.