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  • Stephen Gardner

Starr Peak Mining and their MASSIVE POTENTIAL

I want to tell you about Starr Peak Mining stock, ticker symbol STRPF which can be found on most major platforms like TD Ameritrade, Etrade or Fidelity.

As of the filming of this video Starr Peak Mining is trading at $1.56 a share.

Ticker Symbol: STRPF

But first I want to tell you about a neighboring mine. The mine right next to Starr Peak which is owned by Amex Exploration. Well Amex Explorations stock used to trade at 9 cents a share. Until it hit a massive vein of gold. Then the stock jumped up to $3.09 a share.

Now you are thinking $3 doesn’t seem like a big jump Stephen but remember in stocks and money percentages are what matter. So this stock upon hitting gold jumped over 3000%.

When the owners of Starr Peak Mining saw this, they purposely and strategically bought the mining property right next door. One of the best ways to find gold is to have already found gold.

So they know there is gold in the area. In fact, the professional geologists hired by Starr Peaks say this region is loaded with Gold, Silver, Iron, Nickel, Titanium, Niobium, copper and zinc. So while they drill for gold they will be pulling out all the best selling base metals as well.

I didn’t know what niobium is but fun side note, it’s a metal used in rockets, missiles and pipes that transfer natural gas so its an in demand metal right now and its demand will only increase in the future.

A few years ago Starr Peak Mining was trading for 20 cents a share. But as they’ve opened mines and found minerals and metals, their stock has moved up to $1.56 a share which is a 600% gain but the group thinks their best years are still ahead of them and I do too.

Here’s why. The thing that caught my eye most when I researched was the leadership and mining experience of those running the company.

The chairman Johnathan More has over 20 years of experience extracting resources from the earth in North America and over in Europe but the one that caught my attention most was the geologist Dr. Jacques Trottier. He works for the Amex Exploration group and helped them map the ground for their successful drills.

Dr Trottier was actually so excited about what they are finding at Starr Peak Mining that he’s actually joined the board for Starr Peaks Mining and has serious skin in the game to find the big hauls for the company.

Plus he has 30 years of experience being the geologist for dozens of mines all over the world. In fact, he used to be the CEO of Sulliden Explorations in Peru where they extracted 3 million ounces of gold and were then purchased by a bigger mining operation once they hit gold.

Starr Peak Mining is now in a similar position. As they find gold their stock will grow. As they hit bigger loads their stock could soar and all the meanwhile large mining groups are on the look out to buy up any smaller groups finding the resources they want.

Think about oil. Did you know Chevron has grown as big as it has not because it finds oil in the ground but because it buys smaller groups that found oil in the ground.

This is what I think could happen with Starr Peak Mining. They are sitting on a mineral and base metal rich piece of land next to another stock company that hit a big load and saw their stock skyrocket and they are in a position to be taken over in a buy out if the numbers look right.

So you don’t have to throw on your old, worn out Levi’s and head to the river to pan for gold. You can look into buying this mining stock that is sitting on a tremendous amount of potential and the ones running it above ground have decades of experience in mining, profit making and buy outs.

Now I’m curious, had you heard of Starr Peak Mining before this video? Let me know in the comments.

The stock can be found on most major platforms like TD Ameritrade and Fidelity under ticker symbol STRPF.

Now you’ll want to do your own research but hopefully this gave you some insight into how I research stocks and their leadership team and their potential. I hope you found this article helpful. If you did, let me know by giving it a like and let me know in the comments which stocks you own that are doing well for you so I can check them out.

Also check out Starr Peak Mining and the link to the community giveaway.

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Company presentation to learn more. Also, feel free to call their investor relations manager with questions.

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