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  • Stephen Gardner

The Next Big Trend Is The Next BIG Money Maker

A big part of my personal investing has been built around companies that pay me a dividend, have big upside potential or fit into the supply lines of future products I believe will revolutionize the world like electric cars and computers.

Many analysts are saying there is going to be a huge boom in base metals like copper, zinc, silver and gold. The most our world becomes electric or smart or computer integrated, the more its going to need metals that can conduct electricity and information.

Right now we are living through a supply chain crisis like we haven’t seen since the late 70’s or early 80’s. Now I am hoping these supply chain issues clear themselves up quickly because they are causing prices to increase due to high demand and low supply.

I believe on the other side of this crisis is HUGE opportunity to own stocks that are a part of the supply line.

A stock that has seen over an 800% increase in the last year still has plenty of room to run as they ramp up digging and mining in 2022. The next decade could be good for this buy and hold stock. Callinex Mines (ticker symbol CLLXF) was trading for $.26 cents a share in March of 2020 right as the world started to close down their economies.

By the time I’m writing this article, the stock is trading at $2.36 a share. That’s an over 800% gain.

Groups like Ford, Tesla, GM and more have been affected by the chip shortage. However that has been on combustion engines. Electric cars mostly deal in steel and copper. Plus the electric side of electric cards need gold and silver and zinc to run the computer side of the car.

If humans don’t start pulling more of these base metals out of the earth, we are going to see a bottle neck in the next phase of evolution which is to make cars electric and green.

The second thing to consider is how the world, especially President Biden want to see the world go green. Biden wants the United States to get 50% of its electricity to come from solar power by 2050.

Solar panels take silver and other base metals to function. I love solar personally and put it on my house about 3 years ago to help the planet and save money on my electric bill. Now I see it as a way to make money on my investments and you can too.

I recently read that 49% of all silver mined will soon be used for electric cars and solar alone. So you need to invest in groups that are going to have the resources needed in the supply chain going forward.

Check out Callinex Mines using ticker symbol CLLXF in the states and CNX in Canada.

What do you think, will the world use more or less solar going forward?

What do you think, will the world use more or less electric cars going forward?

I want to help my community stay ahead of the innovation curve and the future trends to make more money.

Here is a link to Callinex Mining website so you can read about their management team, projects and investor relations information.