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Will Biden Crash The Stock Market?

I’ve had many in the community ask me if the stock market will crash now that Biden is in office or they are saying they see many videos being made about the next housing crash or stock market crash.

I want to point out that rarely does a stock market crash with the transition of one presidential administration to the next.

As of today, the stock market seems to be holding steady.

Now the stock market will shift with a new president. Biden is very interested in renewable energy, making America green, electric vehicles, solar and more. So you can expect companies with business models in this vein to do well.

You might see some drop in oil companies or manufacturing as a new administration changes sanctions, tariffs or policy so you will just need to keep your eyes on your stock market investments.

Typically you see a drop from a large scale event, some kind of bubble or a major shift in the economy. Again, these aren’t usually predicted and catch people off guard.

So the question in my mind isn’t will the market drop, but when will it drop and how am I preparing to handle the drop. The last 10 years have been incredible for growth but the market usually sees double digit corrections every 3-5 years.

You can look for safer options like I describe in my book Taming Wall Street or you can focus on dividend stocks with a quarterly payment as your focus or you can look stay out of the market altogether.

There is talk of a market correction in the real estate space as real estate has continued to rise quickly, even through the pandemic. When you do real estate, you have to make sure your numbers all work before you buy. Never buy hoping your numbers will work out.

I’ll be sharing more about interesting stock picks and other smart money tips. I hope this helped answer the question I keep getting in the community.

I wish to remind you that you are amazing.

I appreciate you being in my community


4 comentários

22 de jan. de 2021

This is all very scary


21 de jan. de 2021

Yes I believe he will


21 de jan. de 2021

I was so sad to hear about all the horrible things happening that even when something good happened all anyone wanted to talk about was the bad, so i stopped watching the news all together. I came across your channel and you talked about the facts. So now when I need to know what is important in the world I watch you. Thank


21 de jan. de 2021

Thank you for the wealth of information, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community. How can we set up a consultation with one of your advisors? We need assistance please.

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