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Our Team


No one is self-made and no company is either. We have purposely aligned ourselves with the best companies and programs for helping clients.


Behind each strategy is a qualified company with an incredible track record. Some of the companies we work with have been in business for close to 200 years. Education is our number one priority when it comes to helping clients and has been since 2003.

Given the opportunity to work with you, we will educate you on how to get from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.




Our group specializes in seeking out the best  options outside of Wall Street. Each client is treated with respect as we analyze and review their personal financial situation and goals.


For some it may make sense to pay off debt faster. For others to focus on strategies that are over 100 years old and carry some the last great tax advantages.

Others will benefit from learning about ways to take greater control of their money while lowering management fees.


Areas of Practice


  • Life insurance

  • Growth Annuity

  • Leveraged Planning for Business Owners

  • Debt reduction

  • Real Estate education

  • Self-Directed IRA

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