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10 Will WIN $500 EACH

Hello Hello Hello! I'm excited to announce another round of money help for those that follow me online.


Many of you have said the high groceries and utility bills are hurting your family budget. Thanks to generous video sponsors Kacey and I want to help 10 people in our YouTube community. 10 of you will get $500 each at the end of June 2023. I'm hoping to bring on more sponsors and increase the number of winners but for now this what I can do and the money I have secured to be helpful to my viewers.


As you know, I do my best to bring you the best researched information about what's really going on each day in Washington D.C., with President Joe Biden and in the US economy. Knowledge is power and you need accurate information so you can make educated decisions for you life, family and money.


I also like to be transparent with my community on good news and bad news. Well, I'm not doing a huge cash giveaway this month because one of my revenue sources from sponsorship is having some issues and said they won't be able to help this month. So although I'd like to do more, $10,000 of cash to help with groceries and bills and staying warm is still a great way to help out. AND, I still have great sponsors and I'll be saving up money from them to do a future BIG cash prize giveaway.

Or if you prefer some of my amazing gear, you can select something from down below if you are picked as a winner.



When I'm not on YouTube, I do financial coaching with people all over the country to help them be smarter with their money and retirement planning. Whether that's showing them how to refinance their mortgage with a new home loan, buy their first house, get out of debt faster, buy life insurance, search for new auto and homeowners insurance, increase their credit score or be smarter with credit cards.

On YouTube I share all my daily research about what's going on in Washington DC, the US economy, President Biden, Money and Investing. I also cover the stimulus package news as I see important DC leaders discuss it. Occasionally, I like to share smart money tips or stocks I am researching for my own investment portfolio.

I know many are in need of good information. Some just like being kept in the loop on what's happening in our country day to day and others need a hand up with some extra money.

You'll know your entry has been counted if you are re-directed to one of my educational YouTube videos.

I want to thank you for being in our online communities. As a favor, would you be willingness to share this on Facebook and Twitter?

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Stephen Gardner is a best selling financial author, financial coach, safe money planner and more.

Stephen is on a mission to help strengthen America one family at a time through financial education on debt, building tax free wealth, life insurance, understanding investing, understanding real estate and mortgages and more.

Want to learn how to get your money right? Reach out to Stephen for personalized financial coaching.

Want to read Stephen's most transformative and insightful book, Taming Wall Street? You can get it by clicking the Work With Me button above or buy it on Amazon.

Understanding the principles of wealth and investing has never been more important than now.

Follow Stephen Gardner on YouTube or Facebook for smart money tips, life insurance and annuity information, stock market stock information, how to be smart with your home, refinancing a mortgage, home loans, first time buyer programs, stimulus package information, how to be smart with cars, auto loans, getting out of debt and more.


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