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Practice Areas

Whether you are just starting to save, planning to retire soon
or are already enjoying retirement, we can help. Our firm has
worked hard to have the best financial strategies available.
Life Insurance


Whether you need a term policy for the next 10-20 years or want to maximize the tax advantages of life insurance, we can help.

Our group specializes in educating clients on the advantages of a properly built cash value life insurance plan. Where else can you build a tax-free nest egg, get possible double digit upside, downside market volatility protection and become your own source of capital for private loans and investment funds while continuing to earn interest as if your money were still in your policy?

Real Estate education


Have you wanted to make money with real estate, but haven't known where to start?

Real Estate is one of the best ways to grow your net worth, get needed tax write off's and let someone else pay the mortgage.

Whether you want to flip real estate or own rental properties, we can help you get started.

Real estate done right can be a game changer.

We can help point you in the right direction.


Leveraged Plans for Business Owners


Do you own a successful business and earn good income? Chances are you are over paying in taxes and giving more to Uncle Sam than your own retirement.


With a Leveraged Plan you can take back the money you are paying in taxes and reroute it in a way to saves you on taxes today and build a completely tax-free retirement for tomorrow.




Debt reduction

America is a consuming nation. Unfortunately, this often means we carry more debt than we should.


Debt isn't necessarily bad, but most Americans carry bad debt. This means it is cost them money they need, versus making them money.

Most Americans will spend more on debt than they will ever save towards retirement. We can show you how to pay off debt faster, understand good debt and leverage debt to your advantage.​



Establishing a self-directed IRA account allows investors to take control of their own investing and still benefit from IRA and Roth IRA programs.


Taking control of your own investments opens up many doors and opportunities. It allows for more control and predictability with your money. Many of the programs we offer can only be accessed using a self-directed account.

Tax-Free Planning

​Our group works tiredlessly to educate clients on the necessity to have a portion or all of their money growing in tax-free vehicles. Taxes will go up and will wreak havoc on your retirement years.


We work with clients to show them the last 3 areas of the tax code where they can build a truly tax-free nest eggs. Request a consultation to better understand how this is accomplished.

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