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A little switch made all the difference

I have found it is easy to go about your day or month or year or life doing things the way you have always done them. Most times not knowing if there is something better out there because better might not fall into your established routine.

Earlier this year I bought a nice DELL laptop computer to help me as my out of office appointments increased. I needed to have access to the internet and and my files while in a clients home. Then one day, my computer stopped getting internet. I couldn't access files, quotes or paperwork. My out of office business was shut down until I could get this corrected or buy a new laptop.

I tried troubleshooting the situation. I had family and friends look at it that had computer and networking experience. Still, it wouldn't get internet unless I was hard wired to the ethernet. Being frustrated and unable to get another laptop or return this one, I put it in a bag where it sat for many months.

One day, my wife and daughter needed a computer upstairs. I again set out to figure out why this perfectly good laptop could not get WIFI internet signal. Then one night at 9:30 at night, my dad text me to try the little switch on the side.

It worked!! In fact, it was now down loading data at over 100 mg per second. I was back on track and I was able to focus on the future again. One little switch made all the difference in my family life and business. It must have been turned off when I pushed it into my work bag.

A similar thing happened to me in 2008. Over a period of time, I watch my 401k drop by 38% until finally I put it to cash until I could figure out what the markets were going to do. Years of compound interest were lost, years of contribution were lost, years of employer matching were lost. I was devastated and lost!

Then I made a little switch in the way I saved my money. I had been invited to a life insurance event by a friend. At first I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever been invited to. I'd done insurance since 2003 and knew this topic to be a bore. On top of that, it was $100 and 3 days of my life plus a $25 book. I was not bouncing off the walls to attend. 

Knowing better than me, my friend Brett Kitchen offered to pay for the event if I would take the time and buy the book. He told me he felt this event would change my life. It did!

The event was hosted by R. Nelson Nash. He's a best selling author and would become a mentor for me in the be your own source of financing world. I left this event with my paradigm on money and life insurance completely shifted. My eyes had been opened. I told my wife I was going to quit everything else to focus on this. I did!

I cashed out my emaciated 401k and made my first year premium. I became an owner of this concept before I became an educator of this concept. Over the next few years I would read every book on the topic multiple times. In fact, I remember being teased by agents because they saw me reading a book for the 3rd or 4th time. I didn't care. Everything I do, I do to the fullest. I wanted to be excellent for my clients.

As I began this switch in my way of saving, I learned that each of my own parents had been using this strategy for over 20 years. In 20 years, they had never lost money. In 20 years their accounts had grown every single year. In 20 years, they had never had to pay taxes on their gains and over 20 years they had provided a large, tax-free nest egg in case us kids were suddenly left without parents. I was beyond impressed.

Now, a decade later I have educated hundreds of agents on how to use these plans to benefit their clients. A decade later, I am a best-selling author on the topic. I've spoken before hundreds of people on the subject. I wake up every day excited about what I do. 

This little switch changed the way I saved money and invested. It changed the way I valued my life and provided for my absence with my family. In my 10 years of owning my plans, I have never lost money, paid taxes on the growth or been told I could only access my money after age 59 1/2. 

Maybe your way of viewing money, saving and investing just needs a little switch. Let me show you how to have peace of mind during retirement and all along the way. Let me show you how a plan would benefit your life, your families future and your retirement years. One little switch might be all you need to increase your confidence in the future and recover the money you've been losing on major purchases. One little switch could lead to a much bigger outcome than you could have ever imagine. At least that is what one little switch did for me. 


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Charlotte Elmore
28 de out. de 2020

The switch was when he took his money out of a 401K that lost money when the markets did- and started investing his money in a tax-free Insurance Policy that paid compound interest. After a while, he could borrow his own money to buy large purchases, and pay the money back to himself, with interest, without the bank. Meanwhile, the loan didn't come off the top of his accrued balance, so he was still drawing money on the money he "borrowed." Read his free book- Taming Wall Street. :-)


27 de mai. de 2020

what is the switch?

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