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Two SIMPLE CHANGES To Pay Your Home OFF In 5-7 Years

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

For most people, paying off their home mortgage can be one of the smartest financial moves they can make.


'Mortgage' literally means death pledge. After doing financial coaching and retirement planning for over 15 years, I can tell you most people don’t pay off their home and most people aren’t prepared for retirement. In addition to that, most people will pay more interest on their home than they will save for their own retirement. Banks are OK with this, are YOU?

What if I told you there was a country that still does mortgages the way we used to in America before 1913 AND the average citizen pays off TWO homes in less than 10 years while most Americans pay off no home over their entire lifetime?

Your first question should immediately be, how do they do that!? How do they pay off their home and mortgage so quickly?

It comes down to two simple changes.

First, mortgages in the United States are designed to keep you trapped and working for 30+ years. Second, it comes down to flowing your monthly income in a different way than most people are used to.

That’s it! It’s that simple! One small change to the mortgage type you use and one small change to how you let your monthly income flow. And BOOM you can pay your home off in less than 7 years!! (For me it was under 50 months)

Its NOT rocket science. Its just knowing how banks rip you off, separate you from your money and use your money to enrich themselves.

By playing the mortgage game just a little different,

you can escape the rat race much faster.

I think most of us at one point or another have thought, 'the RICH have to be doing something different with their money than most people'. Well, you are right, but it isn’t about having more. It’s about using it differently.

How different would your life be if you had no monthly mortgage payment?

How different would your life be if you had immediate access to hundreds of thousands of dollars?

I want to help you better understand how to use these two simple changes to your advantage. A different mortgage product and a different way of flowing your monthly money. Check out to learn more. Make sure use code Stephen Gardner to get the best deal.

**Now this isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. You need to have decent credit. You also need to have at least 10% equity in your home, but with how fast home values rose, this is most people. Lastly, you need to bring in more money than you spend each month. However, most can find more money by redoing their budget or making changes to their 401k contribution. Once you see the math behind how this helps you, I believe it will fire you up about your financial future and freedom like it did me.

Two disclaimers. This is a strategy Stephen Gardner is using on his own mortgage and home to pay it off early. However, Stephen researched the company, ran the math and felt it was right for him and his family. You must do your own research and see your own math. Second, Stephen is an affiliate of Replace Your Mortgage and will receive an affiliate commission for introducing a new client. You should always do your own research as Stephen likely doesn't know your financial situation to advise you. This article is a general article to the masses and has been written to the best of Stephen's ability to educate the general public. Not all mortgage products and HELOC's are alike or fit the model which is why a Replace Your Mortgage coach is so valuable. The wrong product will not results

in paying off a mortgage early so having the right product is imperative.

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