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Think and Grow Rich Notes

I credit the book Think And Grow Rich with much of my financial and business success so I'm sharing my cliff notes on the book. This book had a tremendous effect on my mind, life and business. Often when I am having a down day or doubt creeps in, I will re-read the notes I took in my journal. I've taken the time to type them out to share with my community.

· Know what it is you want.

· All achievement, all earned riches, all accomplished goals, have their beginnings in an idea.

· Thoughts are powerful things, especially when mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence and a burning desire.

· Success comes little by little over time, but it starts with a burning desire.

· Whether you succeed or fail, it’s what you thought that matters.

· Have a definite purpose and seek it daily.

· Even the most broke person can start with the capacity to know what he/she wants and gain determination to get it.

· One of the biggest causes of failure is quitting when temporarily defeated.

· When wealth begins to come, it comes so quickly and in such abundance, one wonders where it was all that time.

· Cut the word impossible out of your mind, your vocabulary and your life.

· Success comes to those that become success conscious.

· We must magnetize our minds for success and riches.

· You may be in a bad place, but you can have the thoughts of a King.

· You must see, feel and believe you already possess your goals.

· You will never have riches unless you keep your desire strong and believe you will have it.

· If you don’t see great riches in your imagination, you will never see it in your reality.

· Every failure brings with it the seed for eventual success.

· Every great being has suffered defeat and failure. But, those that keep going eventually meet their other self.

· You are never defeated until YOU accept defeat.

· No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.

· Whatever you repeat to yourself in your inner dialogue becomes your reality.

· We are the dominating thoughts of our mind.

· Make success, achievement and wealth your dominating thoughts.

· Write and review daily your definite chief aim in life.

· Our minds work with the material we feed it. Feed your mind positive thoughts.

· The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

· There are no limits to the mind except those we acknowledge or believe.

· Both poverty and riches are the offspring of our thoughts.

· We learn only by assuming an attitude of humility. Man has the ability to master himself because he can influence his own mind and cooperate with infinite intelligence.

· General knowledge is of little use in the accumulation of wealth. We must specialize.

· It pays to know how to purchase knowledge.

· Knowledge has little value unless used to gain a worthy end.

· Anything acquired with little effort is rarely appreciated.

· Think of your knowledge or service as a merchant with inventory. If you can’t move it, you find something you can move.

· The man who stops learning is doomed to a mediocre life.

· The way to success is the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

· Place yourself where opportunity can see you.

· The bottom is a monotonous, dreary, unprofitable place for anyone.

· Man’s only limitation lies in the development and use of his imagination.

· God throws himself on the side of the man who knows what he wants.

· Ideas are sold, not merchandise.

· Surround yourself with people that can do all that you cannot do.

· You are never whipped until you quit in your mind.

· Decide to be a leader in whatever you choose to pursue. The pay is vast between leaders and followers.

· For greatest success multiply yourself and have others under you increasing your business.

· You will make more money getting others to perform than you ever could doing it alone.

· Take no honor from your team’s achievement. Assign all success to them, as some men would work solely for recognition.

· Lead through encouragement, not fear.

· The best education is self-education.

· We are paid not for what we know, but what we do with what we know.

· Self-mastery is the hardest job.

· Start where you stand and work with the tools you have. Better tools will come along as you go.

· Be enthusiastic, it’s contagious and people will want to be around you.

· America without effort will yield no riches.

· Go hunting for riches where riches are plentiful.

· Make decisions quickly and change your mind slowly.

· Opinions are the cheapest commodity on Earth.

· Persistence is to the character of man what carbon is to steel.

· Weak desires bring weak results just as small fires make small amounts of heat.

· Don’t be afraid to set high goals.

· The only break you can count on is a self-made break.

· Close your mind tightly to all negative and discouraging influences.

· When two minds come together a third invisible mind begins to create.

· We take on the nature, habits and thoughts of those we associate with. Be careful who gets your time and attention.

· Close your eyes or sit in the darkness occasionally so your mind’s eye can see solutions.

· Man reaches his greatest capacity between ages 40 and 50.

· Do not pray with fear or doubt.

· The next best thing to being great is to emulate the greats as nearly as possible.

· The roads which lead to riches and poverty travel in opposite directions. Which road are you on?

· The responsibility to achieve your goals is solely yours.

· Be cautious, but not over cautious.

· Associate with those that demand and receive riches.

· Focus on what you want to have and how to achieve it, not what you do not have or how you have failed to achieve it.

· Focus on what you can do or add to your life, not what you cannot do or have failed to do.

Six steps to focusing the mind and achieving success

1. Define the goal that you want to achieve or the object of your desire.

2. What will you give to attain your goal?

3. Write a date you will possess the desired goal or object.

4. Define a plan and take action.

5. Write the plan on an index card to keep with you or around you.

6. Read the plan twice a day.

Knowing what you want and focusing your mind on it each day keeps your mind constantly working to find solutions for obtaining what you want or achieving your goal. Do not let life and disappointment or temporary setbacks throw you off course. Each day is a new day and you can get back on the right course towards your goal.


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Paulette S. Siegel
Paulette S. Siegel
10. Apr. 2023


Gefällt mir

Julia Thomas
Julia Thomas
28. Dez. 2022

Stephen, those notes make a lot of sense, they are definitely do-able. Thanks.

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Jesse Vargas
Jesse Vargas
27. Dez. 2022

Hello Stephen, my name is Jesse and I just wanted to let you know that you are pretty awesome. Your informative data and encouragement are very helpful.

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Garey Stevenson
Garey Stevenson
27. Dez. 2022

I have dropped youTube. Do you have any other venues to get your videos out. Like Rumble? I have enjoyed your productions for sometime now. Would like to continue just not on YouTube. Thank You Stephen it been a pleasure.

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Kathy Keefer
Kathy Keefer
27. Dez. 2022

Hi Stephen, It's very difficult to think positively when you and your husband have a combined income of $1820 a month and your bills come to $1950 a month (mortgage, car payment, utilities, taxes, insurances, credit cards, etc...) and your 70 yrs old, confined to a hospital bed. Hubby is also disabled but at least he can walk and drive a vehicle. Reading these notes have given me the incentive to explore the options out there, Thank you for giving me some hope!

Gefällt mir
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