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Will he lose $220 million or remember his password?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

If Stefan Thomas enters his password wrong just two more times he will lose $220 million dollars.

Hello and welcome to today’s video. I hope this video finds you well.

Out in San Fransisco California lives a talented and wealthy computer programmer by the name of Stefan Thomas. He’s done very well in his career but he’s in real danger of losing over $220 million dollars as he can’t remember the password to his bitcoin account.

Bitcoin is the hottest digital currency on the market but it comes with one glaring problem. For those with private accounts, it is so secure and protected that if you forget your password, there is NO WAY to recover the password.

Well As bitcoin has surged Stefans account has surged as well to over $220 million in value but he can’t remember his own password.

He only has two attempts left or he loses all his money.

So what should he do?

What would you do if you have $220 million on the line?

Let me know in the comments what you would do.

Should he hire a hacker or password security expert and offer to pay a high dollar reward for helping him crack the code?

Only time will tell if Stefan will lose his $220 million bitcoin investment or if he will remember his password in time.

It is believed that forgetting your bitcoin password has cost investors over $140 billion in money.

So although bitcoin is ultra secure, when it comes to passwords, it might be too secure.

As I wrap up, I wish to remind you that you are amazing.

Maybe your 2021 password should be I am Amazing just so you remember each and every day.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate you being in my community and I’ll see you on the next video.



Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia
Aug 04, 2021

That's insane


Lana Dart
Lana Dart
May 31, 2021

I will be reading your book Steven and thank you for helping ordinary people such as me, bless you.


1st Responder Lawn Pros
1st Responder Lawn Pros
Apr 07, 2021



Mario Sabatini
Mario Sabatini
Mar 30, 2021

Smoke some crack and forget the pain!


Feb 21, 2021

I know all too well about the trouble Stephen is going through so,he is the only one who knows what the password is which is the reason for choosing it so iv come to the conclusion the next time I forgot mine I will pay a hypnotist.( I just would not tell the whole story of the220 million ) lol

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