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According to the FBI, title and mortgage fraud are one of the fast growing crimes in America.

Home Title Locks in the #1 Leader in Home title protection.

With everything going digital to save paper and time, criminals have figured out they can get more out of your home title and equity than they can by robbing your home.

Here’s how they do it. By knowing your address and the full name on your homes title, these thieves can use a quitclaim deed to remove your name from the title and replace it with a different name. They then get a loan on the house to steal your equity and switch it back into your name. You aren’t even aware they’ve made off with your home equity until you get a letter from the bank.

This rising digital crime targets homeowners with equity, seniors and aging parents. If you own a home or have family or friends that do, you need to know about this service.

Home title lock monitors your title 24 hours a day, provides up to $1 million in legal fees and ensures you are not a victim of this new form of home equity theft.

So check out and use my code STEPHEN to try out Home Title Lock RISK FREE for 30 days.

Following the link will give you all the additional information you need and you’ll get 30 days for free.

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