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Experts say Buy this HOT ENERGY STOCK

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I want to tell you about a stock I’ve owned for several months now and recently decided to double down on based on new projections from Wall Street Analysts and a personal shift in confidence when it comes to the current presidential administration energy policies.

The stock I’m talking about is Plains All American Pipeline out of Houston Texas. Earlier this year I told you about my investment in Energy Transfer out of Texas. I’m already up over 38% on that stock and it has a 7% dividend.

Maybe its because my wife’s from Texas or the fact that I believe we will be using oil for many years to come that I like this Texas based energy company.

I think this energy stock could go up by 50-112% over the next 12-18 months and I’ll share why. One analysts gives it a shoot to the moon projection which I’ll talk about in this article.

But before I jump in, if you’re a subscribed member of my community then welcome back and if you’re not consider subscribe right now so I can share investing ideas I am researching for my own money, Monday thru Friday I share whats going on in Washington DC and the economy as well as occasionally sharing some unbelievable news stories you might have missed.

Investing is easier than ever thanks to smart phones and new investing platforms. Plus you can buy with the smallest amount of money because most platforms allow for fractional ownership in a stock.

Sign up with Robinhood to get a free stock.

A hot new trend on YouTube is to chase meme stocks and crypto that might shoot to the moon. Stocks like AMC, Dogecoin, Gamestop and more.

While I personally own and day trade crypto many of these meme stocks are in a battle to stick it to Wall Street and hedge funds. I want to share some stocks that I believe will do well but won’t carry the same pump and dump risk.

Today I want to talk about a stock I’ve just dumped money into based on research I’ve been doing for my own money.

The Stock ticker is PAA and the company is Plains All American Pipeline.

Like other oil and energy stocks this one took a beating as the economy shut down last year. However with the price of gas rising and people driving more, the stock is up 25.82% in the past month and analyst have recently recommended it as a stock to buy and hold.

When I jumped in on this stock it was trading at $10.51 a share. Today its right around $12 a share and I’m up about 11% on my money.

But with the recent upgrade from analysts smarter than me saying to buy, I decided to more than double the amount of money I hold in this stock.

If you’ve been a member of my youtube community for awhile then you know I have majority of my money in dividend paying stocks and 99% of my money is in US based companies. Occasionally I’ll buy a stock based on growth alone whether its US based or not. Which is why I told you about Xpeng Motors last week.

Again this is a 100% US based company.

Out of 25 Analysts from major Wall Street firms, 60% believe Plains All American Pipeline to be a buy and 40% believe it to be a great stock to hold. As of this article 0% felt it would be smart to sell your pipeline stock.

This caught my attention so I dug into PAA more. With President Biden shutting down the keystone pipeline and cancelling lease rights in Alaska I wanted to make sure this group wasn’t going to be put out of business.

Since they are already in business and have been since 1998 and the fact that they are in Texas which loves oil, is the 11th largest economy in the world and fights tooth and nail to protect businesses, I feel like Plains All American Pipeline is safe. Which gives me confidence to invest my money.

Next I wanted to see if what top number analysts had given the stock as far as how it might grow in the next 12 months. I was shocked to see $110 a share. If that number is reached, I could essentially almost quadruple my money. So lets go with the more widely expected price of just over $25 a share.

I just want to place my hard earned money into strong companies with a focus on the future. So as I looked at what the 25 analysts blended project was, it was closer to $25 a share. Plains All American Pipeline is current trading around $12 a share so to jump to $25 would be a dream.

At $25 that’s a potential 100% increase on my money in 12 months. Seeing that number got me excited so I decided to put more money in and see what happens over the next year with this money and this company.

As of this article, Plains All American Pipeline is paying a 6% dividend. So if the analysts are off I will still make 6% on my money. If they are right I’ll realize an incredible gain and the dividend on my money.

Now 50-100% is not to the moon, but it is higher than your average annual growth and energy stocks have been a solid place to grow money over the years.

Knowing what I know about money and investing growing your money by 10-100% is shooting to the moon so I’m loving this investment stock and no one is trying to pump and dump it using memes.

Now I’m curious, had you heard of Plains All American Pipeline before this article? Let me know in the comments.

The trading ticker symbol is PAA if you want to check it out.

I’ll be on in a few days to discuss other ideas like getting out of debt faster, my other dividend paying stocks, student loan debt eliminiation, the benefits of renting vs owning a home and more.

Plus I’ll continue to keep my community updated on whats going on in Washington DC, the economy and more.

You’ll want to do your own research before pulling the trigger on any stock I tell you about.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you did, let me know by giving it a like and leaving a comment.

Before you go, I just want to remind you, that you are amazing.

I appreciate you being in my community

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