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Invest In Silver 2021 As The US Dollar Loses Buying Power.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

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I want to share some ideas on how to deal with the Great Devaluation of the US dollar as the government continues to print more and more money during the pandemic.

This article is not to discount the financial needs of my fellow Americans but to speak to the reality that printing money over and over again makes the dollar lose buying power over time.

So what would happen if the dollar lost 50% of its value?

What would happen if the dollar collapsed like we've seen money do in other countries?

One area you should be looking at is precious metals and digital currencies. Today I'll specifically cover silver.

Since Joe Biden took office, the price of silver has already increased by 3%. Not 3% a year, but 3% in 3 days. This is a sign that the economy is worried about the future value of the US dollar.

Imagine for a minute that all the money you have at the bank or hidden in your home or sitting in an IRA or 401k suddenly had no value. Scary right! The only problem is this exact scenario has happened in the US over 100 years ago and in other countries.

100 years ago $20 worth of cash bought a lot and $20 of gold had $20 of value. Today $20 doesn't go very far and that same $20 of gold is now worth $1850. Pretty HUGE difference right!?

Silver has gone up almost 600% in my life time and will continue to increase over time. Silver and Gold are desired and valuable in every country on the planet.

The older I get and the more I follow politics, the more I've added silver and precious metals to my financial planning both with clients and personally.

Recently the gold and silver group I buy from noticed how much new business I was sending their way and created a special offer for my community members. If you buy $100 of silver or gold with them and use Promo Code Stephen Gardner, you'll get a half ounce silver Paul Revere coin worth $16.38. That's a 16.38% gain on your $100 purchase from day one.

Where else can you get an 16.38% return on a $100 placement?

If you buy $500 or more, you get the coin and FREE shipping.

Check out and use PROMO CODE: Stephen Gardner to buy your silver and get that free coin.

Buying Silver and Gold is obviously a long term strategy. You should plan on buying and holding this money for several years. However, on the path we are on now in the United States, does your gut tell you your money will buy more or less goods and services in the future?

If your answer is less (and it should be) then you know some portion of your money should be in precious metals and silver is a great place to start. Its also a great way to pass money on to the next generation.

I'll continue to update you on Silver, Gold and more in future videos and articles. Precious metals is definitely a part of my wealth building strategy and you don't have to be rich or have a lot of money to get started. Plus you can add to it each month over time.

I hope this article finds you well. I wish to remind you, that YOU ARE AMAZING!!



Unknown member
Aug 30, 2023

A while back you promoted a gold mining stock. What is the name of that company and stock symbol? Thanks.


Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger
Jul 23, 2022 found this prepping channel on youtube just everyday you can go between family dollar Dollar general Save a lot sign up for the apps download the apps when you check out keep the 25 dollar coupon for the following Saturday for Family Dollar and Dollar general that means you can buy more the other thing is also if you have a Rulers or Krogers near you they have good sales Dollar tree too check out Walgreens and CVS even a Big lots for prepping as well as Keeping silver on hand does help truth


Heather Hopfinger
Jun 22, 2022

But then I need to keep extra around I have an eye doctors appointment in August I have a hand surgeon appointment in September the doc may have to remove a growth I got a bible bump not on the palm side of the left hand Stephen but on the top part and tendinitis in the left pinky pray thanks


Heather Hopfinger
Jun 22, 2022

I heard that a lot of people are hedging against inflation with Britannia Bars that are silver and the Britannia coins also I heard about people buying Perth Mint dragon Bars too seems like these are very popular people are starting to buy bigger and bigger bars like the 100 gram bar and 1000 gram bars truth


Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger
May 05, 2022

It is better to stack dragons Perth Mint right now or so I have heard Dragons Tigers by Pamp Suisse and well the Britannia warriors are selling out fast beautiful well detailed coins that retain their value and the bars are nice too the starwars silver bars aren't a half bad way to go truth

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