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Not what it seems...better.

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

There are large stone structures that scientists have a hard time explaining to this day. Structures like the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and the stone heads at Easter Island. These structures are so large, so heavy and so well made, that its hard to image how ancient man moved and built them.

The large stone heads of Easter Island have been a mystery for hundreds of years. Easter Island lays in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is 2300 miles west of Chili and 1200 miles from its closest neighbor. To say it is remote, is an understatement.

On this 63 square mile island rests 887 large stone heads that face the ocean. The heads are hand carved from hardened volcanic ash rock. These heads have become iconic and even made an appearance in the blockbuster hit Night at the Museum.

Up until recently however, these great stone carvings were thought to only be heads. As archeologist and scientists attempted to move them, they soon realized that many of these stone heads were connected to buried stone bodies.

Have you heard the saying, "tip of the iceberg" used to describe something that is so much more that what you see on the surface? Well, these stone heads are just the top of the whole statue. The largest unearthed Easter Island statue was 33 feet tall and weighs 90 tons. Since then, an unfinished statue stretching 77 feet tall has been found at a rock quarry.

Not much is known about how these statues were made, moved or for what purpose, but they definitely catch attention. The creators and natives of this island lived here undisturbed until trade ships discovered the island and brought disease and famine. Until then, the island had close to 17,000 inhabitants and plenty of food. Life was good!

I share this with you because I believe life insurance is like these statues. For hundreds of years, life insurance has been seen as a necessary evil with two components, death benefit and the annual cost to own the policy.

As you have learned from me, there is much more to a properly designed insurance contract than meets the eye. Over 90% of agents only know about the death benefit aspect of a plan or the estate planning benefits of a plan. Unless you just want expensive death benefit, don't work with these agents.

As you dig into the plan and get educated, you realize just how much bigger and more useful these contracts really are. I'll share a few.


Properly designed and executed life insurance allows clients to build a large Tax-Free nest egg of money. Clients can place more than $5500 a year into a plan and don't have IRS income restrictions. As money grows in your plan, the increase is completely tax-free. As in you won't receive a 1099 for interest. As in you won't take money out to live on down the road or as a loan and be hit with a penalty or taxes. The death benefit also passes income tax-free to your beneficiary.


The insurance groups I use have been protecting and growing client money for over 100 years. Insurance companies are some of the most regulated companies on the planet. They are on the hook, not just for the money you give them, but the much higher amount of death benefit they've contractually promised you.

As I explain in my book, you can go the ultra conservative route that grows your money by 5-6% every single year or you can link to a stock index like the S&P 500 and grow funds similar to the indexes. Either way, your money is protected against drops in the stock market or changes in the economy. Anyone who has lost money on investments knows how devastating it is. This eliminates that stress and worry from day one.

Recover Money On Major Purchases

As I have stated in other articles and in my best-selling book, A Bridge Over Troubled Wall Street, when properly designed, these policies allow you to recover the money you spend on cars, college, investments, business equipment and real estate investing.

Until the 1970's when the 401(k) was born, most people and companies used life insurance contracts to protect and grow their money. It was only the wealthy that used extra funds to risk their money on Wall Street for a shot at bigger returns. However, with the government approval of the 401(k) and mutual fund industry, Wall Street started to become the primary source of attempting to make it rich. In order to assert their dominance, they kept the focus of life insurance on the cost and death benefit and buried all the other benefits.

I am here to unearth this strategy and let it see the light of day.

Most people could have more money just by being their own source of financing on a lifetime of car purchase than by paying the stock market. Recovering money you lose to depreciation or waste on interest to others will build you a much larger tax-free nest egg. More people would have larger retirement funds if they didn't have all the set backs and wasted time due to market loss. More people would have more money if Uncle Sam wasn't taking 20-40% of their profits. You can have more, but it doesn't involve following the masses.

All this can be done with a properly built contract and an educated and experienced mentor to guide you over the years. It can also be done wrong and cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Like the iconic stone heads of Easter Island, there is more to life insurance than what first meets the eye. Let me help you dig in and discover all the living benefits of owning a contract and how they can benefit your financial future. WE can build you a contract that benefits you while you are alive and a tax-free death benefit that will leave a legacy for YOUR family that could benefit and help generations of family members after you.



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