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Rental Assistance Link From IRS Agent

I have to admit I don't know if this is going to work. I am not behind on rent nor am I am landlord with people behind on rent. However, this link was given to me by an IRS agent to help the community start the process of getting money for being behind on rent.

My understanding is this will eventually move from federal to state run. I noticed there is a date of January 12th as the cut off date to get info in. However, this only came out so it it most likely an error.

On the application page it says it expires on July 31, 2021 so try to get in now because I am reading in the PDF's that once they run out of money, it is over.

Once you follow the link below go read the PDF's and click on the Submission required for Emergency Rental Assistance payment bullet point. This is what looks like the portal to start the process.

Again this was given to me by an IRS agent so I hope it is right. It won't let me go through the pages to verify because I'm not behind on rent.

I really hope this works because I know many renters in the community are far behind on rent and need this assistance.

Before you go, I just want to remind you, that YOU ARE AMAZING!!

I'm hoping good things for you and will continue to share more as I know more.

Stephen Gardner

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