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The Millennial Money Map

Millennials are given a lot of crap, but I find them to be an interesting generation. They look at life and money and experiences different than older generations. Within a few years, they will be the largest generation of Americans, outnumbering even baby boomers.

Yet Millenials have a lot going against them and much to learn. For example, a recent survey found that the majority of Millennials are holding their money in bank accounts with little to no interest because they don't want to risk it on Wall Street. I don't blame them! I think Wall Street is more of a casino where the brokers get rich and the clients get mediocre results. Yet, like all of us, Millennials need their money to be growing or they will be left behind in inflation's dust.

Millennials also aren't as interested in owning a home. This is a big mistake! One of the most common denominators of successful people is that they own their home. However, housing in America has become ridiculously overpriced and home ownership is becoming more difficult if you want to actually be able to save money. Yes, a home is a forced savings plan but with a lot of interest being paid to big banks.

So where can Millennials turn to ensure they are able to grow their money, have an incredible future and peace of mind when it comes to their money? Yep, properly built life insurance. I want to show you two examples of Millenials saving different amounts of money between now and age 70. The first is a 25 year old saving $300 a month. The second is a 30 year old saving $500.

At age 25 most Millennials don't need a lot of life insurance, but in the future they will need access to financing - cars, vacations, college, rental properties and yes death benefit once they have children. So here is a 25 year old placing $300 a month every month until age 70. Along the way, she will have access to her money. It won't be locked away in a 401k program.

As you can see by age 70 she has contributed $162,000 to her account and it has grown to $715,867. Wow! That is an incredible amount of money compared to how much she placed. Plus, it is all tax-free. She owes no taxes on that money and it will continue to grow in value if she doesn't need to access it. By age 76 she is a millionaire!

Now for an example of a 30 year old. Maybe by this time there has been a marriage and possibly a child. The need for life insurance is becoming more important, but the need for financing major purchases and other investments from her account is also becoming more important. By this age you are probably not getting tax refunds anymore and begin to see how much taxes take a bite out of your life. This plan allows you to legally avoid them.

This Millennial contributes $500 a month every year until age 70. All along the way, she has access to her money for buying cars or rental properties, starting a business or financing life events. Or she can just let it grow.

By age 70, she has contributed $240,000 and her account has grown to $888,574. By age 73 she hits the million dollar benchmark. The average babyboomer is retiring with less than $50,000 in retirement money. Baby boomers lived through the biggest economic booms in world history yet ended up with very little money. Social security makes up most of their retirement money.

Millennials have no idea if Social Security will be around for them to use. They have no idea what taxes will be like in the future but can legally avoid them with this savings program. They have no idea what car buying rates will be like, but don't care because I will mentor them on how to be their own source of financing which only gives them more money and wealth.

Millennials are smart and this way of saving and preparing for the future is smart, too! I started my first plan at age 27 and only wish I had learned about it sooner. Let me show you how to avoid the Wall Street Casino built only to siphon money off of your accounts. Let me show you how to avoid the tax traps built into most retirement accounts. Most people will pay 4-7 times more money in taxes than they should by using these accounts. Let me show you how to avoid losing money on major purchases and how to recover that money back into your retirement account to give you even more wealth than you see here.

When done correctly, you will need more than one of these accounts because you will continue to make more money, save more money and buy more purchases with your money instead of the banks. You can feed the bank or feed yourself.

Millennials need a mentor and a MAP (Massive Action Plan). I can provide them with both all while doing it in an account that is guaranteed not to lose money, provides liquidity and can be their source for recovering money other generations have wasted on cars, real estate and other major purchases. Let me show you your numbers and guide you to the future you want.



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