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'WHERE' Goals to FINISH 2021 STRONG!

Today I want to talk about WHERE goals and how they can help you accomplish more in life, your working career and in making more money.

I want to help you finish the year strong and start laying out in your mind and on paper what you want 2022 to look like.

WHERE is an acronym for the different areas of goal setting focus.

Wealth, Health, Education, Relationships and Environment.

Let’s start with Wealth. I think it is important to set a money goal each year. Personally I like to focus on how much money I’d like to try to make. I also like to think in terms of what could I do that would increase my income or investments.

For some getting out of debt is a great way to increase wealth and lowering the amount of money that goes away from you each month.

2020 and 2021 were eye opening for many to make sure they have an emergency fund, a second stream of income or assets they can fall back on.

Next is H for Health. They say a person with good health as a thousand goals, but a person with bad health has only one goal, to get healthy.

So what could you do to improve your health this coming year. Personally my wife and I have committed to walking more and lifting weights.

Weight loss is always in most peoples top 10 goals but it can also be one of the first areas to go by mid January. So instead of focusing on what you can take away, maybe focus on where you could add to your life to get the results you want.

Then we have the first E with is for Education. I hope you’ve committed to being a life longer learner. I made this personal commitment many years ago and it has helped me so much.

So what areas of your self education could you focus on? Perhaps you want to read more but struggle to find time. My wife and I use audible audio books to help us learn more.

Are there courses or seminars you could attend that would help add value to your life, resume or career to help you increase your wealth?

Then there is Relationships. If you have a special person in your life, what could you do this year to improve your relationship? How could you get to know your partner better?

Only my wife’s website, you can download a list of questions to ask each other while on a date to get to know each other better.

Is there a relationship in your personal or work life that if it were repaired it would improve your life?

What about your relationship with yourself? What area of your life do you need to give yourself a break? What area of your own life do you need to improve?

What’s your relationship with bad habits? Could you change some areas of your life and have a big improvement in happiness and productivity?

Lastly, is the E for environment. The people and places and events you surround yourself with will affect your life and your ability to grow.

Are you in a toxic work environment or do you feel like you hate your job? How would making a career change improve your happiness and time?

Or maybe you a in a bad living situation that you could make changes to or move on from that would free you from a burden you’ve been carrying?

Are you surrounding yourself with family and friends and co-workers that encourage you and support you?

Your life is like a seed, make sure it has good soil to grow in or you won’t have the level of success you could by improving your environment.

These are the WHERE goals I use each year and each month as I check in with my goals. Where am I at with my wealth, health, education, relationships and environment.

Make sure you are setting goals. Sometimes we get so busy working in our life that we fail to step back on work on our life. Live life on purpose, make plans and do your best to make the plans come to fruition.

I hope you enjoyed this post on goals and increasing happiness.

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