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Time Sensitive $15,000 Opportunity

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Welcome to the "Share The Love" limited time opportunity for the month of January. I'm going to give $10,000 away to a set of winners and 20 people will get $250 CASH. For a total of $15,000 to kick off the New Year.

Each time you share your email you'll get a chance to get $5000. If you win, I'm also going to give the person of your choice $5000. It could be a sibling or a best friend or one of your children or even someone on Facebook. You'll get to choose who you bless with this opportunity. And you might want to share this far and wide each day because if the person you share with wins they will likely pick you as their $5000 friend.

When I'm not on YouTube I do financial coaching with people all over the country to help them be smarter with their money and retirement planning. Whether that's showing them how to refinance their mortgage with a new home loan, buy their first house, get out of debt faster, buy life insurance, search for new auto insurance, increase their credit score or be smarter with credit cards.

On YouTube I share all my daily research about what's going on in Washington DC, the US economy, President Biden, Money and Investing. I also cover the stimulus package news as I see important DC leaders discuss it. Occasionally, I like to share smart money tips or stocks I am researching for my own investment portfolio.

I know many are in need of good information. Some just like being kept in the loop on what's happening in our country day to day and others need a hand up with some extra money.

Since there are over a million of you and only one of me, the most fair way I have found to help is to share my sponsor money with my community in the form of a give away.

You'll know your entry has been counted if you are re-directed to another page.

I want to thank you for being in our online communities. As a favor, would you be willingness to share this on Facebook and Twitter?

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube community!

**YouTube the company has no connection to this money help opportunity.

This opportunity has nothing to do with financial planning or insurance products or buying anything. This is strictly me thanking and helping my YouTube followers. None of the sponsors are directly a part of this give away. The actual money comes from Stephen and Kacey Gardner.

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